Why waxing is better than shaving


Unwanted body hair for women is always a high priority when it comes to personal hygiene.  However many women still shave unwanted hair when the benefits of waxing are far more obvious. Waxing is obviously more painful and time consuming.


The main reason waxing is better is the results are a lot longer lasting. When you shave you only remove the hair that is exposed outside of the skin layer. With waxing the wax removes the whole root of the hair. This means women, or men, only need to wax every 3-6 weeks as this is the time it takes for new hair and it’s root to form.


The results are far better from waxing as they stay a lot smoother for longer. As mentioned above shaving only removes the hair that is exposed outside of the skin. As body hair is constantly growing, stubble will appear from shaving within a day or so. Waxing removes the whole root of the hair meaning it remains smooth for a lot longer.


Obviously shaving is quicker than waxing but if you are having to shave everyday, whilst waxing is only once every few weeks, waxing does save a lot of time, however painful it may be! The results are a smoother and hassle free daily ritual is removed. If you can suffer the pain and have time to wax it is highly recommended as a cure for any bodily hair issues. Waxing products are cheap to purchase from pharmacies and for reasons discussed have become extremely popular for men and women.