Personal care matters    

I could not believe this, I can’t say I am the same but here goes, according to google the average American man uses six personal care products a day containing more than 80 chemicals combined. Many of these chemicals are absorbed through the pours in your skin, inhaled or ingested, and the majority of chemicals you are taking in have not even been assessed for safety. This is something that people should be aware of, being that we don’t actually know what problems we could face in the future using these cosmetic products. It has been said that some of the chemicals are a cause to cancer, heart disease and even as far as birth defects (and the government say drugs are bad). So next time you use you deodorant or facial scrub just have a little think about it.

Now on the brighter side there is natural personal care products that we can use like the anti-aging green tea the women below has been drinking it for 45 years. But seriously, there are really good products on the market or you can even make you own soaps, shampoos, moisturizers etc, just have a little look on YouTube and you will be able to find something that you like the look of. I have been looking at a couple of recipes myself and the reviews, one thing I keep coming across is that some of the herbs you use can come out very strong when you have finished your product, you don’t want to be walking around smelling like a strong mint leafs all day. I find it awesome that some of us are going back to being a real natural human’s using all natural products, it will benefit us all in the long run.   

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