Simple ways of making your own, natural deodorant


Today most of the deodorants contain lots of chemical supplements such as aluminium chloride or similar ingredients to suppress the natural formation of sweat. But their use of these is highly controversial. They are suspected to cause cancer and other diseases.

Nowadays one can buy special deodorants in health-food or natural shops not containing any aluminium. But they are pretty pricey.
What most people don't know, it is actually very easy to make your own, natural deodorant with just a few, basic ingredients.

In a small pot, heat up 100 ml of water. Don't let it boil yet. Pour in 1 to 2 tsp. of potato or corn starch. Stir gently until everything has dissolved properly. Next bring this mixture to a boil until a sticky, syrup-like texture. Remove it from the heat.

While cooling down, add 2 tsp. of natron and stir gently until it has dissolved completely. Now just add a few drops of natural scent oil according to your liking. Stir again and finally fill this mixture to an empty roll-on.

Some people my not like a roll-on and prefer a spray bottle. In that case just bring 90 ml of water to a boil. After the temperature has dropped below 50°, stir in 1 tsp. of natron until completely dissolved. Add some natural scent oil as well if you like and stir one more time. Pour that mixture into a spray bottle and finally shake it. Now it's ready for use.

Your skin may be very sensitive, so you don't get along with natron. Another alternative is to use 50 ml alcohol (min. 40% abv), 50 ml water and also some natural scent oil. Just mix all the ingredients together with a blender and fill it into a spray bottle. But remember, that alcohol can dry out your skin.

The last version is the simplest. Just mix apple vinegar and water, make sure you boil it before use, at a ratio of 1 to 10. Also use a spray bottle to apply that mixture.