Keep your beard Trim

Hey everyone, welcome to any first time readers and welcome back to all my regulars, to my beauty and personal care blog. I would like to think that most of you reading this think of me as a fairly trustworthy person, which I attribute to my Abraham Lincoln style beard. Of course, mine isn’t as good as ole Honest Abe was and it never will be, but I try my best to keep it nice and trimmed as well as looking thick and smooth. Doing this while staying cheap is not easy, which is why I have been spending a lot of time on so I can pick up the proper tools for my beard while saving money on it. Here are some tips I have on keeping your beard trim on a budget. 

Abraham Lincoln beard

Trim it regularly

If you are planning on having a neat looking beard that won’t get you fondled at the airport, then you need to trim it regularly. Some people like to go to an old fashion barber or a men's barber shop for this, but I prefer to stay home and save my money. I bought a really good Panasonic beard trimmer on that I use ever three days to make sure there are no stray hair sticking out anywhere. I really like the trimmer I got, it works well in the shower too which means I save lots of time shaving in the shower. If you want to know more about the used beard trimmer I got, then check out the reviews on Panasonic's website. 

beard trimmers 

Get rid of Patches

Patches. They happen to the best of us. When I was working in the cold sometimes you would get frostbite on your face which turns into patches when you let your beard out. I don’t admit is much, but I have used beard grow before. It was too help get rid of these frozen patches and it actually worked extremely well. The solution was all natural so no laboratory created testosterone or anything like that. It was from Botanical, and if you are in the need of some beard grow then get some cheap used beard grow from as you will get all the bottles from people that think it didn’t work. 

beard oil 

Good Luck

These were the two main things I did to get my beard where it is now, and I am sure that if you follow these tips then you too can get a nice, smooth beard. If you have any issues of course, let me know in the comments section and I can try to help you out best I can. For any new readers, I hope you enjoyed this and if you did then why not check out another one of my posts such as one of my first post on Coolsculpting. Have a great day everyone, and I will speak to you again soon.