How to get great feet at home


Hi guys, and welcome back to my beauty blog. If there’s one thing which I always neglect as soon as summer is over, then it’s my feet.  I know it’s tempting to hide them away in cosy woollen socks, and big boots but we do still need to keep up with all the spring and summer pampering treatments, and maybe even some more so that come spring you won’t be panicking over wintery toes.


This year I decided to pamper myself by purchasing a HoMedics foot massager spa, so that after a long day at work, and an evening run, I can destress, relax and soak my feet to help relieve some of the stress from the day.  I have wanted a foot spa massager for quite a while, particularly because I have upped my running which means my poor feet are under a lot more stress than they have previously been.  However for a good massager they can be incredibly expensive.  I had a look on one of my favourite second hand and used prodcuts website and managed to snag a great deal, you can check them out here;  I’ve been using this massaged amongst some other great products, and I wanted to share with you all my tips and tricks for maintaining gorgeous feet worthy of showing off at any and all opportunities.


How to get great feet at home.

  1. Electronic Callus Remover

    The first thing you need to do is to remove all the calluses and dead skin on your feet.  The best and most effective way to do this is with an electronic callus remover.  I like the Clarisonic Pedi, yup made by the same guys who did the Clarisonic Mia 2 we reviewed last week, as it’s quick and effective and leaves you with beautiful smooth skin, although I have also heard some great things about the Lilian Fache 3 in 1 Battery Powered Pedicure and Callus Remover kit which is a fraction of the price.  
    The most important thing to remember when using your device is to make sure you have clean, dry skin before starting.

  1. Or a diamond foot file

    If you would rather not use an electronic callus remover then a diamond nail file is the next best option.  If you use a callus remover gel then you should put this on and it should soak away the dead skin prior to using the file, otherwise file and then soak your feet as normal.  

  2. Use a pumice stone

    You shouldn’t go as hard core on your feet, every day and should only do step 1 or 2, once a week or when your feet get really bad.  Otherwise to maintain the smoothness you should use a pumice stone on your ankles and feet every day in the shower.  Simply make sure your feet are wet first.  

  1. Soak.

    Calluses aren’t all you have to look out for, there are plenty of other areas on your feet such as your heels and ankles which will get dry and scaly if they are ignored.  This is where the HoMedics feet spa massager comes into play best.  Use your favourite foot soak and relax with your feet in the spa massager for as long as you like, I find 45 minutes is best for me.

  2. Exfoliate

    Once your feet are thoroughly soaked through you should use an exfoliator and exfoliating glove immediately after to make sure that you are removing dead skin.  

  3. Moisturise.

    Immediately following your exfoliation you should moisturise your feet and toes.  If you really want to create that spa like feeling then after exfoliating you should cover your feet in a thick moisturising lotion and wear cotton socks overnight as you sleep.  This gives you a great deep moisturise.  You can do the same things with your hands if you are feeling really fancy.  

  4. Toe nail prep

    If you have any stains on your toes the easiest way to remove it is with some ingredients that you probably have in your bathroom cabinet.  If you saturate a cotton ball pad in hydrogen peroxide ten put it on your toes for 3 - 5 minutes and scrub off it will leave your toes shiny and sparkling clean.  Otherwise you can also use a whitening toothpaste or whitening toothpaste strips on your toes in a similar manner and scrub off when done.  

  5. Polish

    Finish your toes off with a great colour polish so that they are ready whenever you need to get them out.

  6. What not to do!

    Absolutely do not under any circumstances pop a blister.  All you should do is make sure to keep them clean and protected so that they do not get infected.  Do this by using an antiseptic cream and clean cotton socks.


Hopefully this has helped you all with how to maintain your feet and toes over winter time.